I am pleased to announce that Dr Jamie Rickman, Sumit Kothari and Francesca Larosa have joined the team. Jamie is a Research Fellow in Complex Networks and will apply complexity thinking to the area of climate finance. Previously, she focused her PhD on the self-organisation of subcellular protein networks using agent-based computational models. Sumit after spending 10 years in the finance industry, has now started a PhD in complex systems analysis applied to the area of climate change mitigation. Francesca is a visiting PhD student from Ca’ Foscari University (Italy), she nurtured competences in complexity science and networks of climate innovations.

LINKS will also count on the tremendous expertise of its Advisory BoardProf Guido Caldarelli, Prof Michael Grubb and Prof Antoine Mandel. Prof Guido Caldarelli (IMT) is a world leader in complex systems and financial networks; Prof Michael Grubb (UCL) is a distinguished climate and policy economist and Prof. Antoine Mandel (PSE) is a renowned expert in social and economic networks in the context of climate change.

I am thrilled to have everyone on board!